When Marriage Feels Like “The Longest Date”, And Not In A Good Way


For someone who has worked on such funny television shows, I was disappointed by how unfunny Cindy Chupack’s book, “The Longest Date, Life As A Wife,” was.  Chupack recounted her failed marriage to a gay man and then discussed a variety of aspects of married life with husband number two.  I anticipated that this book would be a non-fiction version of “Jennifer Johnson Is Sick Of Being Married”, which was a hilarious story of the ups and downs of matrimonial unbliss.  There was nothing wrong with the writing, style, or Chupack’s voice, but “The Longest Date” was outright boring.  Each chapter focused on a different aspect of marital life, but nothing about those stories was particularly funny.  I didn’t laugh a single time.  I did not finish this book because, aside from the cute cover, there wasn’t anything remotely interesting happening.


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