The Crushing Guilt When The Neighbors Ask, “Just What Kind Of Mother Are You?”

Unknown“Just What Kind Of Mother Are You?” focused on Lisa’s guilt when Lucinda, the young friend of Lisa’s daughter, goes missing while she was supposed to be in Lisa’s care.  The author examined the weight of guilt that people bear in trying situations, which was a great emotion to give Lisa and explore.  This was a good mystery because it wasn’t the typical woman running around uncovering information that the police seem unable to obtain.  Instead, it focused on Lisa, and slowly revealed the crazy life of Lucinda’s family that had been hidden from the neighbors.  However, this format also made the story a bit  superficial story.

On the cover of this book there should be a disclaimer alerting readers that the book was written by an English author.  As a result, much of the language and phrases were foreign to me, although I could deduce what they meant.  Daly also managed to make a few digs at Americans that I thought were unnecessary.  One such remark was that Americans don’t cook dinner but choose to eat out all the time.  While true, this didn’t do anything to advance the story and didn’t win me over.  LIsa was a good character, but truthfully I almost stopped reading this because at 100 pages not much had happened.  I flipped near the end and was surprised by the twist I stumbled upon, so I continued reading.  This wasn’t a very cohesive story and the ending was a mixture of two things that had barely developed throughout the book.  These surprises were a little too surprising for me.

This book was weird, and not a favorite.


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