My Backyard Is “Three Graves Full”, How About Yours?

th“Three Graves Full” was a fast paced mystery that began when a body was found in Jason Getty’s backyard.  Getty was very disturbed by that discovery, mainly because the body found wasn’t the one he buried in his backyard a year earlier!  This thrilling story had a strong foundation in humor, which was so unique!  I loved it!  The book was told through the perspective of several characters, and their lives all merged together to create an intricate web of murder and deceit.

The characters displayed a range of emotions that made each one likable, and also kept me off balance.  From one page to the next, I never knew who was a good guy and who was a bad guy.  The emotional motivations of the characters were complex in a realistic way.  The story of how Getty went from a mild mannered hermit to a killer was strong and plausible.  I liked him even after he buried someone in his backyard.  His story demonstrated that every man has a breaking point.  There was a little too much emphasis placed on the police dog, and I felt it was a too easy way for information to be discovered, but it moved the story forward quickly.  The ending tied everything together very well even though I wished for a different ending for Getty and Leah.  I was impressed that the author was able to explore themes of trust and humanity in a variety of ways through a variety of ways.

This was fresh and clever.  I highly recommend this one!


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