Finding The Courage To Say, “My Name Is Resolute”

th“My Name Is Resolute” was my first Nancy Turner book, which followed Resolute as she was kidnapped from her home and sold into slavery.  Resolute was renamed as Mary by her first owners, and I loved that she continued to declare her identity and true name even when it resulted in punishment.  Resolute was determined not to lose herself identity as a slave and I liked that spirit.  Yet, overall, the few moments Resolute stood up for herself were too small compared to the overall story, which was good but terribly slow.  The majority of the book lacked any emotion, and the story was told in a too factual manner.  There were a tremendous amount of things happening and I started to wish that the author had focused on fewer events in more depth.  The writing was dry and the actions of the characters felt mechanical.  There were good elements to the novel, but I never connected to the characters and could not continue reading it.


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