When The Moon Is Out, Someone Begins The “Night Work”

thI had forgotten how much I liked Steve Hamilton as an author until I read “Night Work.”  The first book I read by him was “The Lock Artist”, which I thought was so creative, and this book had a similarly ingenious plot.  “Night Work” revolved around several murders that all led to one suspect, Joe.  Joe claimed he didn’t kill the women despite the evidence that mounted against him.  Of course, the false accusations set Joe on a mission to find the real killer, and drew him into a web of mystery.

Joe was a good main character because he displayed a range of emotions and was likeable.  I sympathized with him when he tried to explain himself to the detectives, but felt they didn’t listen.  The writing was direct and moved quickly.  The conversations were good and the cop talk wasn’t the boring dialogue so common in police investigation mysteries.  I loved that it was obvious that the real killer was one of the characters in the book, but there weren’t many clues about who it was until the end of the story.  The final twists were pretty sick and mental!  The book was a combination of mystery, thriller, and detective investigation all together.  Hamilton is an impressive writer who has able to craft a seamlessly intricate mystery with effortless writing.

I liked everything about this story!  I already looked up other books by Steve Hamilton and am anxious to try them.  If you like mysteries with a little humor, then you must try this one.


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