“The Secret Miss Rabbit Kept” Impacts Sophie In Unimaginable Ways

thI was enticed by the title of “The Secret Miss Rabbit Kept” and driven to uncover her secret.  The story focused on Sophia, a young girl who began working at a nursing home, and on Miss Rabbit’s decision not to speak.  Her silence prompted Sophie to uncover the reason for that decision and brought Sophie closer to the other employees.  Through Miss Rabbit’s journal, her secret slowly emerged through the book.  Issues of love and abandonment were intertwined through every subplot in the book, which made Sophia face her own issue regarding being adopted.  The themes of the book and the obvious way they were presented reminded me a little too much of an after school special.  I liked Sophia, but wasn’t overwhelmed with any of the characters.  Sophia’s parents were kinda dorky, and her mom’s constant uplifting phrases were weird.  The writing was good, and the author did create a gang of personalities at the nursing home that challenged Sophia’s patience and brought out her kindness.  This book was a solid three stars for me because it was good, but not great.  The story was interesting enough that I read the entire book, but I was left feeling underwhelmed when I reached the end.


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