Uncovering The Real “Mary Poppins, She Wrote”

thWith the current buzz about “Saving Mr. Banks,” I was excited to read “Mary Poppins, She Wrote” in order to learn more about the infamous P.L. Travers. Unfortunately, I found the book pretty boring mainly because P.L. Travers did not lead a very interesting life.  I also did not like that the author used several different names to refer to P.L. Travers throughout the book, or that the author tried to make every man in P.L. Travers’ life the basis for “Mr. Banks.”  The writing was disjointed and it seemed as if the book had been edited by several people with different writing styles.  Some parts of the book were nothing more than a dry factual recitation, while others read like a flowery historical fiction work like “The Aviator’s Wife.”  Just when I became interested in what I was reading, the author veered off into a mini biography of every person who ever interacted with Travers.  It was so distracting!  Just as in the movie, Travers was described as an opinionated woman who was difficult for Walt Disney to work with.  Even though Disney’s movie, “Mary Poppins” gave Travers immense success, she openly expressed her opinion that she hated parts of the movie.  I struggled to read this book, and suggest that if you are interested in Ms. Travers, watching “Saving Mr. Banks” would be more enjoyable and less challenging than reading this book.


One thought on “Uncovering The Real “Mary Poppins, She Wrote”

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