Hello February! Will A “Morning Glory” Always Signify Love In Vain?

th Knowing that the Victorian Language of Flowers states that a Morning Glory flower signifies love in vain, I was ready for “Morning Glory” to explore several aspects of love with events that haunted both of the main characters.  This was the fourth book by Sarah Jio that I’ve read, and it did not disappoint.  “The Bungalow” was a my favorite book by her because of the way the love story unfolded, and that same great story telling was present here.  I liked both of the heroines in “Morning Glory”- Penny who struggled with a loveless marriage in the 1950’s, and Ada who must overcome tragedy in 2008.  Both women had heart and enough moxie to make them very enjoyable to follow.   The book took place on the houseboats in Seattle, and I loved that original setting, which added an excellent element to the story.

I  appreciated that Jio wrote in a straightforward manner that was effortless to read.  Her writing was descriptive, but not overly intricate.  Many of the characters faced serious events and challenges, making this book a bit serious.  Ada’s heart was heavily weighted with the death of her husband and daughter, and she reflected over her former life and that loss throughout the story.  That wasn’t my favorite part of the book compared with the budding love Ada found in a neighbor harboring his own dark secrets.  The love interests that Ada and Penny both chased were complex and interesting.  Jio has a way of tying everything up neatly in the end of her stories that make sense without being too contrived.  The impromptu confessions are a little ridiculous, although I appreciate that everything resolved.  I love that Jio’s characters find happiness after reconciling a difficult decision, which allows them to growth as characters.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to more by Jio.


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