Plead Your Case To “The Gods Of Guilt”

th“The Gods Of Guilt” was another excellent story following one of my favorite attorneys, Mickey Haller.  There was a bit of a rhythm to this book that was very reminiscent of the last book in this series by Connelly.  As usual, Connelly did an excellent job of describing the legal procedures and tactics surrounding the murder trial where Haller defends a man accused of killing one of Haller’s former clients.  I can’t decide if I like Haller’s new law firm where calendar meetings are used as a mechanism to provide information to the reader quickly, but I went with it.

In this book, Haller’s maneuvers went from smart lawyering to shady legal tricks.  These were clever, but didn’t make me like Haller in the same way I had in prior books.  Something that was hard for me overcome while reading were the unlikable characters and situations.  Prostitutes, DEA agents, and hit men were difficult for me to sympathize with.  I found myself not caring about who had killed the victim in the story because she was so cunning and duplicitous.  I did like that Haller was caught off guard several times in the book, and was even taken advantage of in a way I would never have imagined.  There was also an emotional element present that showed Haller’s vulnerability and made him appear to be a complex character, which I liked.  The ending was a bit abrupt for me, especially after such a big build up.

This was another good book in the Mickey Haller lawyer series, but so far nothing has compared to the first book, “The Lincoln Lawyer.”


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