Giving Away “Another Piece Of My Heart”

th“Another Piece Of My Heart” was the first Jane Green book I’ve read in a few years, and I was so captivated.  The writing was amazing and I loved the descriptions of the characters.  Their emotions and motivations were so well founded that everything happened with a purpose.  The story followed Andi, a woman in her forties who found love with Ethan and became the step-mother to his two daughters, Emily and Sophia.  Emily exhibited the quintessential behavior of a young girl who hated Andi for the simple reason that Andi was her step-mother.  The way that Green captured the dynamic of this family was really amazing.  The omnipresent view of the people in the story provided a complete picture of what the characters were feeling that created a terrific story.

Every few chapters, there were a great plot twist that altered the course of the story.  The main characters were faced with challenges common in life, but there was so much emotion to the story that I was really engrossed in what happened.  I liked Andi’s friends, women who drank margaritas, stuffed their face with chocolate, and bared their souls to cheer her up.  The dialogue was well done, and read very naturally.  The tension mounted until it exploded in heated arguments that seem very realistic.  The depth of the characters made the story read like a memoir rather than a novel.  The book’s description made the story seem a little depressing, but Green’s writing made it worth reading.  Green presented themes of love and explored what it meant to be a family in so many different ways.  This book is much more than just a heavy chic lit book, it is really an insightful look into the human heart and the lengths that people will go to find happiness, love, and be a family.

I’ve put Green’s other books on my list to read and would highly recommend this book to someone looking for a book with a heavier plot.


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