Is Your Valentine “Tempting Fate”?

th-1The fantastic characters in “Tempting Fate” created a platform to examine the ramifications of Gabby’s affair and whether it would destroy her marriage.  Gabby was a forty something housewife who felt frumpy and underwhelming until she met Matt, a younger man who suddenly made her feel young and feminine.  Propelled by insecurity and a need to be wanted, Gabby set off on a course that had serious consequences.  It was hard to watch Gabby destroy her relationship with her husband, Elliot, because he was amazing.  In that respect, I liked that Green made Elliot likable, which only complicated Gabby’s decision to cheat on him.  The story examined every aspect of such an affair with passion.

Through a series of events, Gabby slowly reached a place where the affair was more important to her than her family.  Gabby’s actions were only tolerable because she didn’t intend to have the affair and felt very guilt afterward.  The complex love that Gabby had for her husband radiated throughout the book, and was definitely a redeeming trait given to Gabby.  Green created strong and realistic characters that turned this topic into an interesting and emotional story.  It was hard for me to watch Gabby make decisions because I did not agree with anything she did.  She was a frustrating, but lovable character.  I both liked and hated the reactions of Gabby’s best friend, Claire, who did not stand by her friend.  The excellent writing propelled me through the story quickly.

I have come to like Green’s books, which always follow strong women.  I can’t recommend Jane Green and this book enough.


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