Living Down Under Requires “Love Under Different Skies”

th“Love Under Different Skies” was a humorous story that followed married couple Laura and Jamie when they accepted a job that required them to move to Australia.  Told through the perspectives of both Laura and Jamie, the author was able to make their differing observations part of the fun!  I really liked the way that Jamie described things, which brought humor to common situations.  His observations were made funnier because what Jamie complained about in one chapter, Laura loved in another.  Through quick writing, the challenges of marriage and parenthood were explored with one hilarious situation after another while the characters tried to learn the nuances of living down under.

The plot emphasized Laura and Jamie’s marriage through classic plots that were made even funnier by the Australian element.  The wacky adventures they experienced as they tried to act like locals, such as the boa constrictor and volcano, were two of their endeavors that were enjoyable.  Some of the events that happened were a little obvious, but they were still funny and moved toward the overall theme of everlasting love.  Their adorable young daughter, Poppy, managed to say unknowingly funny things at inopportune times which was a constant source of humor.  This was an enjoyable book that required little thought.

A perfect beach read, especially if the beach is located in Australia!


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