Get Swept Away Even Though “The Wind Is Not A River”

th“The Wind Is Not A River” was a wonderful story of love and war set against the only fight in World War II to ever take place on U.S. soil.  Broken into two different viewpoints, the book showcased a married couple each fighting for something.  On the Aleutian Islands, John fought for his survival, and Helen struggled to find him by joining the USO as a way of making the journey.  Helen and John both slowly revealed the issues they faced in their marriage that prompted John to join the fight without Helen’s approval.

John’s story focused on the gritty realities of war and the companionship created by being in the trenches with another soldier.  John’s story was explained very well, but I was more interested in Helen.  The events that motivated Helen to join the USO was just the kind of period writing I enjoy.  Tormented by social stigmas and familial duty, Helen mustered her inner strength to follow her heart and find John.  The dialogue between the characters was really strong and believable.  Halfway through the book, there was a small revelation into the title that enticed me to continue reading to see what it meant.

Overall this was an interesting story that had a unique focus on WWII and I would recommend this book to reader’s who enjoy period and war novels.


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