Think Of “The Possibilities”

th-3“The Possibilities” was my first book by Hemmings, famous for “The Descendants.”  The direct and clean writing made the book easy to read.  I liked the main character, Sarah, who struggled to overcome the sadness she felt after her son’s death.  Sarah’s thoughts were quirky and made her seem realistic.   Halfway through the book, the big event alluded to on the back cover finally happened.  I would have liked to see that occur sooner, especially since the events that lead up to that moment were not overly entertaining.  Sarah’s character would have been just as easy to pinpoint with less interaction in the beginning of the book.  The conversations between the characters were basic and did not overly interest me.  The fresh grief felt by the characters made the story very sad.  I was satisfied with the ending that brought closure to the emotional storyline, but it wasn’t the uplifting type of ending I prefer.  The darkness of the story just didn’t make this a favorite for me.


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