How Many Aliens Live Among “The Humans”

thI don’t remember the last time I laughed out loud at a book, but “The Humans” had me laughing three times on only the first page.  The writing and story were so clever!  “The Humans” was written by an Alien sent to Earth on a reconnaissance mission to kill anyone who knew certain information that could destroy his home planet.  To accomplish his mission, the Alien took over the body and life of a Cambridge college professor.  He documented his experience of trying to pass for an Earthling and commented on the human lifestyles he observed.

As he tried to adapt to life on Earth, he bumbled through one mundane human task after another.  His commentary made the book enjoyable and humorous because the Alien didn’t realize his observations were funny.  Simple human activities like waking up, wearing clothes, and speaking to teenagers were unexpectedly challenging for the Alien and funny for the human reader.  After spending only one week on Earth, the Alien decided to maintain his humanly form, but the choice had devastating consequences.  The Alien’s list of things all humans should do was a sweet way to remind readers not to take life for granted.  The clean writing not only advanced themes of love and forgiveness, but explored the gift of being part of a family.  I imagine our planet will be inundated with aliens after they read this book.

This was clever and original.  I really enjoyed it!


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