“A Royal Pain” Of A Girlfriend Seeking Heir To Royal Throne

thI picked up “A Royal Pain” because I needed to watch a commoner get swept away by a prince.  When Bronte met Max in America, she had no idea he was from a royal family.  His royal blood soon interrupted their budding relationship, and tested whether Bronte could feel comfortable enough to marry into his family.  I appreciated that both Bronte and Max obsessed over their relationship and whether it would move forward.  The story and pace of the events was good, and kept me entertained even though it was a bit predictable.  This was a brain candy book that had no deep story lines or thought provoking themes.

I liked that Bronte was in her late twenties, which made her a career woman rather than a silly unfocused girl.  The pace of the book slowed once they became engaged and the plot after that point needed more action.  I loved the scene where Bronte tried on all the family’s heirloom jewelry to select her engagement ring.  It was every girl’s dream to be dripping with jewelry!  From the cover, I was lulled into thinking this would be a cute chick lit book, so I was surprised when a hefty portion was squarely in the romance / erotica genre!  I would never have picked this up if I had known I would read about Bronte and Max’s steamy sex and their quest to use 100 condoms in under a month! Yikes!

Overall, the book was entertaining but I don’t think I’ll read the remaining series.


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