Just How Daring Are “The Daring Ladies Of Lowell”?

thI had to read “The Daring Ladies Of Lowell”, Kate Alcott’s second book, because I adored her debut, “The Dressmaker”.  What made “The Dressmaker” so great was the story that followed Tess as she survived Titanic’s sinking and subsequent trial.  Unfortunately, the plot in “Daring”, which followed a young woman struggling to work in a cotton factory in the mid 1800’s wasn’t as exciting for me.  The book got better with each page, but the slow start frustrated me.  The descriptions of the conditions in the cotton factory and the women’s dorm were horrific, and I empathized with the real factory workers who inspired this book.  I’m a sucker for love stories in fiction, but the one here was a bit contrived.  The main character, Alice exhibited  bravery to take on the role of union leader, but her personality emerged too slowly.  None of the other characters were engaging, and their conversations were dull.  Daisy was a stock character who was stuck up and rude to Alice, and I anticipated everything she did.  The trial was anything but exciting and the actions of the ladies of Lowell hardly culminated in a climax.

I eagerly awaited the release of this book, but was glad I didn’t buy it.  Although it wasn’t a favorite, I still look forward to more by this author based on my reaction to The Dressmaker.


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