The Killer Gene Is “In The Blood”

th“In The Blood” was a dark and twisted mix of both “The Bad Seed” and “Defending Jacob”.  The narration by a damaged young woman as she deals with her father’s impending execution, her missing roommate, and a tortured young boy was mesmerizing.  The book also examined gender issues in a new and startling way!  The creepy interactions between characters had me questioning what was really going on the entire time I read the book.  Through a diary, the history of one of the characters was revealed but the importance wasn’t clear until later in the story.  The excellent writing moved from flashbacks to the present easily.  The author utilized psychopathic behavior creatively that converged in a climactic ending.  There were some great twists that kept the story exciting, but talking too much about the book would give away the plot.  I liked the author’s writing style and already put some of her other books on my list to read.


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