An Unsuspecting Neighbor Is “Drawn Into Darkness”

th“Drawn Into Darkness” was a taut thriller that began when Lee decided to meet her neighbors across the street.  She chatted with a young man named Justin as they watched television, but when a bulletin about a kidnapping aired, it alerted her that the boy sitting next to her was the missing child.  To prevent her from revealing Justin’s whereabouts, his kidnapper held Lee against her will, and so began her harrowing quest for survival.

As Lee and Justin struggled to regain their freedom from their captor, Stout, Lee attempted to undo the harmful mental torture Justin endured.  In that way, the author fully explored how dependent captives become on their kidnappers.  The clean and straight forward writing made the book easy to read.  There was plenty of action and the usual amount of unbelievable situations to showcase Lee’s strength and Justin’s courage.  The entertaining plot raised some excellent issues of survival and humanity two strangers faced while deciding whether to help one another.  Although the police weren’t the typical country idiots who bumbled around, their slow response was odd, but necessary for the plot.  I liked Lee’s nurturing personality and appreciated that the experienced prompted her to rethink her relationship with her own grown sons.  I was happy with the conclusion, but not overly content with how Lee and Justin’s relationship ended.

Overall, the book was entertaining and I enjoyed it.


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