Marilyn Monroe’s Killer Is Finally Revealed In “The Empty Glass”

thI could not resist reading “The Empty Glass”, a book that ends the speculation surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death. The story begins when Ben, the L.A. Coroner, arrives at Marilyn’s home hours after she is found in her bed of an apparent overdose. Ben takes her diary from the scene and reads Marilyn’s book of secrets, which reveals a wounded woman desperate for a normal relationship. Her glamorous life provided clues to what really happened that fateful night while advancing themes of abandonment, betrayal, and love.

The story was set in the 1950’s, and the events and dialog mirrored classic film noir, which I loved! Famous people such as Frank Sinatra and Rock Hudson were included in the plot, adding credibility to the premise. I appreciated the inclusion of documents such as a coroner’s report and lab analysis, which gave the story a realistic foundation. As the mystery unraveled, so did Ben’s life. Suddenly, dastardly characters popped out of nowhere and threatened him and his family. The writing was great, and the short sentences and quick dialog whipped me through the story. Jack and Bobby Kennedy played a prominent role in the story, and the author revealed whether or not they were involved in the murderous plot.

I loved traveling back in time and learning the true identify of Marilyn’s killer. Lovers of classic films would enjoy this as much as I did.


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