Living The “Wild” Life On The Pacific Crest Trail

thTo be honest, Wild didn’t seem like a book I would enjoy and I was partly right.  I finally relented because someone gave this to me and I knew I would eventually see the movie adaptation starting Reese Witherspoon.  I define myself as an indoor girl, and would never consider hiking the Pacific Crest Trail as Cheryl Strayed did, but I enjoyed her wry and witty narration that described her own hiking inexperience.  I also found humor in the comments of everyone she encountered at the size and weight of her pack.  I liked the first part of the book where she discussed the events in her life that prompted her to take a three month solo journey trough the wilderness.  Her drug abuse was discussed, but wasn’t a huge focus and I didn’t mind it the way other readers seemed to.  The middle of the book dragged a little for me when her story became all about hiking all the time. The people she met along the trail were marginally interesting but I wasn’t overly excited to see what happened next.  The book was well written, and there wasn’t anything wrong with it, it just didn’t hold my interest.  I kept picking this up then putting it down, until I left it on the bookshelf.


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