There Is Magic In “Then And Always”

thThen And Always was a novel that allowed the protagonist, Rachel, to live an alternate life.  The plot was thin, Rachel dated Matt when she was involved in a terrible tragedy that claimed the life of their friend Jimmy.  Sometime in the future, Rachel reverts to an alternate present, one where she’s engaged to Matt but falling in love with a now very much alive Jimmy.  Too much of the story seemed like a rewrite of other books where the heroine looses her memory and reverts to another life, such as Remember Me.  Had it not been for the excellent and vivid writing, I wouldn’t have finished this.  The book lacked the small personal details that reveal the true depth of the characters.  Additionally, the story needed a stronger subplot because Rachel’s plight to figure out what was real consumed far too much of the book and grew tiresome.  I liked the ending, but it came out of nowhere.  This was good but not great.


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