How To “Baby Proof” A Marriage

thBaby Proof shed light on the social pressures people place on themselves and felt through the harsh comments of others regarding having kids.  From Claire’s first date with her future husband, she is extremely clear as to what she wants in life, or doesn’t want.  Claire and Ben agree they don’t want a children, but just a few years into the marriage, Ben changes his mind, which throws their marriage into a tailspin.  Claire embarks on a journey to discover if Ben is really her soul mate and questions her decision not to have kids.

I enjoyed this book for a variety of reasons, but could see that this topic might only appeal to a small segment of the population.  I don’t know that younger females would really identify with the issues discussed, such as friends and family pressuring Claire into having kids.  I thought it was ridiculous that every single character dealt with pregnancy.  In that respect, the book was a little too heavy with plot lines revolving around reproduction.  The story was good, but not nearly as captivating as two other fabulous books by Giffin, Something Borrowed and Something Blue.  I liked the ending, but it would not satisfy people who need a solid conclusion.  Although I usually like neat endings too, what Giffin did here worked very well.  As usual, Giffin created a great cast of characters and used great writing to describe their emotional journey, and I enjoyed going on the ride with them.

Another good read from Giffin!


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