Five Heroic Stories To Read On Memorial Day

UnknownI love that each year during Memorial Day Weekend America honors all the heroes who devoted their lives to the armed forces.  Here’s a list of inspiring stories that reminded me why I’m grateful for America’s soldiers.

Unbroken By far the most amazing story of survival, ever.  Louis Zamperini competed in the Olympics where he meet Hitler, was stranded at sea, and then survived as a POW.  His resilient spirit and inspirational tale show that people can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Escape from Davao I never tire of reading about American ingenuity, especially when the story revolves around of a group of POW’s attempting to escape from Davao, one of Japan’s most notorious prison camps.  The cruel treatment the soldiers endured made the daring escape that much more exciting to read about.

We Band Of Angels – The horrors of war take on new meaning when they are described by the female nurses trapped on Bataan and ultimately held in a POW camp.  The heroic journey of a small group of women made me grateful for every female who pushed through social barriers to be an integral part of America’s armed forces.

No Easy Day– Nothing exemplifies the power and force of the Navy Seals more than a covert operation to kill the most wanted man of our time.  Mark Owen’s tale of the night he raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound and the events leading up to it were gripping.

The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz – One British soldier spending World War II in a German Officers’ POW camp is determined to witness the atrocities of war in order to hold the perpetrators accountable.  When he switched places with a Jewish man confined to the Auschwitz camp next door, he not only observed more than he imagined, he had a profound impact on the other man’s life.


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