Who Would You Call On A “Landline” To The Past?

thLandline presented a situation I’ve dreamed of, and I imagine others have too: a phone that allowed you talk to someone in your past.  The story immediately brought me into the crazed mind of Georgie, a wife and mother consumed with relationship woes over Christmas.  The story created a realistic world where Georgie wonders whether her husband Neal is really her soul mate.  At times, her longtime friend and writing partner, Seth, seem much more in sync with her lifestyle and career goals, which cause Georgie to wonder if she hasn’t let “the one” get away.  While I read, I sympathized with Georgie’s predicament, and was intrigued to see which man she would choose.

Georgie’s waffling over whether to drive her past self into the arms of Neal or let him slip away was interesting.  I liked that throughout the book the plot pulled Georgie closer to one man, then later on, closer to another.  This kept me wondering who her true love really was.  The bulk of the story focused on this decision, and I wasn’t particularly won over by the other minor subplots of Georgie’s kids or whether she would be able to complete the script that kept her in California while Neal visited his parents in another state.  I liked the honest and upfront writing, and would be interested to read more by Rainbow Rowell.

Overall, this was an entertaining book that was a perfect beach read.


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