Boldy Going “Inside Marine One”

thIf you’ve ever been to Washington D.C., you know that throughout the day the Marine One chopper frequently flies overhead. For me and my husband, it was a constant challenge to get a picture of it as we toured the city, but we finally did! I’m drawn to memoirs by people holding interesting jobs, and picked up Inside Marine One to read about Colonel Ray “Frenchy” L’Heureux’s experience ferrying four Presidents around the country.

This direct and simple writing easily told of Frenchy’s dream as a young boy to fly, and how he overcame financial struggles to make his dream come true. I really enjoyed reading about his encounters with the Presidents, stories that made them seem more human. Having George Bush Sr. egg on Frenchy and his friends during a game at Camp David, and George H.W. Bush trick him into mountain biking on a tough terrain were two of the highlights. I had no idea how intricate the duties of flying Marine One were until Frenchy relayed the efforts he took with the Secret Service to coordinate each flight. It was also slightly humorous when Frenchy’s family was more impressed when he flew Pope John Paul II than the Presidents.

This was a light and interesting read that I would recommend!


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