Are You One Of “The Three”?

thI needed something good to read, and The Three was it.  The multiple narration Lotz used to describe the four plan crashes that render three children survivors was fantastic.  Each character spoke with a different voice and had a unique perspective on whether the catastrophes were really a sign from God that the end of the world was near.  Not since World War Z have I experienced such master storytelling in a journal like format.

Instantly, the caregivers to the child survivors sense the children embody unnatural powers, which force the adults to confront their own ideas about life and the afterlife.  Being around Bobby suddenly cures his grandfather’s ailments, and Jess seems to have an unnatural maturity about her.  When Jess’s uncle, Paul, is awoken each night by the brother who died in the crash and asks him, ‘How could you let that thing in here?’, he slowly descends into madness.  The chapters devoted to him quickly became my favorite.  There were some parts of the story that lagged a little for me, which isn’t surprising given that the book is almost 500 pages.  The religion element was an important aspect to the book, but didn’t overpower the other plots or characters.  I was intrigued about the cause of the crashes and what everything meant, and this mystery propelled me through the story.  The legacy that the third child, Hiro, leaves behind helped solve that mystery and also raised even more questions.

My only complaint is that the ending wasn’t gift wrapped with a bow in the way I like endings to be.  But, the story mostly resolved, and this book was thoroughly entertaining.


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