This Is The Craziest “Wedding Night” A Girl Can Have!

thI adore Sophie Kinsella’s socially awkward and endearing heroines, and following Lottie in Wedding Night gave me exactly what I’ve come to expect from her books. When Lottie breaks up with her boyfriend when he doesn’t propose, she doesn’t expect to reunite with Ben, the cute guy she meet in Greece fifteen years ago, and marry him! Instantly, Lottie’s sister, Fliss, sets off to save Lottie from self-destruction, resulting in a classically hilarious romantic chic lit novel.

Initially, I didn’t like that the story was told from the perspectives of both sisters, mainly because I didn’t expect it. Halfway through, I realized Fliss’s narration was absolutely necessary to the plot, and she grew on me once she got out of New York, where her impending divorce consumed her storyline. Nearer to the end of the story, I wished Fliss hadn’t had such a large role because it overshadowed Lottie’s disastrous honeymoon. The situations Kinsella dreams up continue to entertain and delight me, and I was glad to journey through the mishaps her characters overcome to find love. I appreciate that even though Kinsella’s chic lit books are humorous, she tackles serious subjects. Lottie’s shotgun wedding forces her to examine what she wants from a spouse and from life, while Fliss’ encounters with Ben’s best man remind her that not all men are as evil as her ex-husband. The writing was Kinsella’s classic direct but rich text that paints an entire scene for the reader to enjoy.

This was a great summer read! I’m especially looking forward to the next installment in the “Shopaholic” series out this fall.


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