Marilyn Monroe Is More Than Just “The Blonde”

th I couldn’t resist reading Anna Godbersen’s The Blonde, a novel that expands upon the illicit affair between Marilyn and President Kennedy. This was much more than just another exploitation of Marilyn Monroe. The Blonde was a beautiful, thoughtful thriller that focused on one of the most famous classic movie stars.  The twist was that Marilyn’s relationship was prompted by the Russians, who asked her to spy on Kennedy in exchange for revealing the identity of her father.

The descriptions were so vivid, that the entire time I read I felt I was watching a Marilyn movie.  Godbersen used small facts of Marilyn’s life to make the story seem realistic. Her stint in the Los Angeles Psych ward was really tied to the relations with the Russians, and even her antics on the set of The Misfits added to her covert operation to be near Kennedy. Each sentence was written with such care and detail I found myself reading slowly, and was increasingly impressed. I especially loved how Marilyn was portrayed as a woman with depth and feelings, not just a blonde bimbo. Although her life was dripping with sex and innuendo, Godbersen allowed Marilyn to be someone who knowingly used those tools to obtain what she wanted, which displayed her intellect and cunning ability very well. The ending was fantastic! Godbersen’s take on Marilyn’s death and Kennedy’s assassination were well planned and very creative.

Fans of Marilyn’s would adore this book. I can’t recommend it enough.


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