The “Queen Of Babble” Is Spilling Secrets!

thQueen of Babble was a cute Meg Cabot tale of Liz and the trouble her big mouth gets her into. I immediately identified with her innocent inability to keep a secret. The narration was fun and provided a fresh way to tell her story. From the opening pages, where Liz pretended to be Jennifer Garner, I knew she was a heroine I would enjoy. When her trip to London to see her boyfriend turned into one large disaster, Liz jets off to meet her friends celebrating a wedding at a French villa.  The entire plot was comical, but I liked the book much better after Liz ditched her money leaching and lying boyfriend. Throughout the story, Liz’s passion for fashion came through in just about everything she did. I like that Luke was a character whose personality matched well with Liz. Their banter was romantic and silly, but moved the story along very well. This was a light read that was perfect for summer!


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