Vampires, Werewolves, “Changeless”, Oh My!

thChangeless was the second book in the Soulless series, which followed the soulless spinster Alexia, now married to a werewolf.  These books are all written in proper Victorian style, where hats and corsets are the focus of the women, along with Alexia’s deadly parasol!  This was a light read made particularly enjoyable because I love the heroine, Alexia Tarabotti.  She’s got so much spunk that I just have to see what she’ll do next!  The clothing descriptions alone were cause to follow Alexia.  This second installment focused on the disappearance of the werewolves and the presence of apparitions, not quite as fascinating as the plot in Soulless, but I went with it.  I expected a mystery, but this read more like a romance novel.  Some of the events were disjointed and came out of nowhere, but the shocking ending made me eager to see what Alexia will battle in the third book.


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