A “Casebook” Full Of A Spy’s Secrets

thInitially, I wondered if a book that revolved around a youthful narrator who spied on his parents would culminate in an adult fiction storyline, but I couldn’t have been happier with my decision to read Casebook. When I laughed out loud by the end of the first page, I knew I’d found a good book. The voice of teenage Miles capitalized on his naiveté, which added an element of humor I haven’t experienced since The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time, a book I absolutely loved and continue to talk about! 

When Miles put a listening device in his parents’ room, he learned more information that he bargained for once they decided to divorce. After adjusting to his father moving out and being left with his twin sisters, Boop One and Boop Two, Miles focused his efforts on vetting his mother’s new boyfriend, Eli. When things with Eli didn’t add up, Miles hired a private detective and uncovered a shocking secret that he didn’t know how to deal with. His awkwardness was another point of comedy. Those encounters were the highlight of the book for me. I was less enthusiastic to read the last hundred pages where Miles’ life revolved around being a high school student and having a girlfriend. The ending was also slightly depressing given the humor in the first half of the book. The author focused on the relationships among family members and showcased Miles’ devotion through the selfless actions he did to benefit the Boops and his mom. This made him a likable character I enjoyed watching develop.

I liked the book, but wished there had been more of Miles’ amusing observations and a happier ending. I need happy endings!


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