Surrounded By “A Circle of Wives”

thA Circle of Wives was an interesting book that began when the death of John revealed that he had three wives. The story focused largely on the introspection of the wives and their emotional journey to understand the man they each called their husband. The impeccable writing and beautifully descriptive language made their musings weighty enough to carry the book without much dialog. The result was a story that was both character driven and plot driven.

This thriller developed slowly, but was entertaining. The book delved into the souls of the women as they reflected on their marriages and wondered how they didn’t know John was married to others. LaPlante crafted a moving story that made me care about the wives, who were all very strong women, without pitying them. The storyline was advanced by Detective Samantha Adams through her investigation once she changed John’s cause of death from a natural heart attack to a homicide. With each chapter, as more was revealed about the wives and John’s aggressive business partners who seemed unhappy with his recent decisions concerning his medical clinic, the list of potential murderers grew. When a fourth woman appeared near the end of the book, the plot really took off. Yet, the ending was a bit contrived and came rather quickly. I liked that everything was explained neatly in the final pages, but wish there had been more of a twist.

I liked this novel and would read more books by LaPlante.



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