I Will “Never Eat Alone” Again

thI heard so much about Never Eat Alone over the years, but somehow never read it. I finally wanted to see what the book was all about, and was pleasantly surprised with Ferrazzi’s simple and direct approach to success. Instantly, I respected him as someone who could  provide legitimate advice, not only because of his own immense success, but because of the tone of the book. Ferrazzi was encouraging and helpful without insulting the reader with overly simplistic wording and suggestions.

The tips included in the book to excel in the workplace were smart and attainable through small changes any reader could master. Although Ferrazzi provided examples of how each tip worked for someone successful, the stories were short and to the point. They enhanced the overall lessons rather than detracting from them the way so many other snippets in professional self-help books do. What struck me the most was his advice to never give up, which was highlighted through a brief history of the many failures Abraham Lincoln faced prior to becoming president. He gave excellent suggestions for how to appear legitimate on a cold call, how to use a mutual friend to reach someone who could be helpful, and how to maximize social interaction at networking events. The great advice that filled the book had immense value, and I was pleased I finally picked this up.

This is a book I would continue to reread, as well as Ferrazzi’s other books.


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