Danielle Tries “Saving Max” Without Destroying Herself

thSaving Max was excellent and appealed directly to my legal mind. Danielle, an attorney and mom to autistic Max, was a sympathetic and smart character I eagerly followed on her journey to uncover whether her son was actually a murderer. Danielle had her own life and thriving career, two things that made her a woman of depth, not just a worried mom. The pace of the book was great, and information was revealed timely in each chapter that continued to build the plot.

The characters were all very realistic, and mysterious enough to keep me guessing if they were the killer instead of Max. The book didn’t revolve too much around mental illness, but rather used it as a springboard for an intricate plot. The author cleverly planted another lawyer in the story who defended Max. The legal aspects of the book appeared accurate and the author drew on some lesser known tactics to present shocking information that made for fantastic courtroom drama. I liked that the presentation of evidence and the cross-examinations seemed realistic.  The unfathomable chain of events that brought everything together was one of the more twisted endings I’ve experienced.

This was such a great book that I read it in one sunny afternoon! Readers who liked Defending Jacob or seek out twisted plots from Gillian Flynn would appreciate this book as well.


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