Frolic “On Folly Beach”

thOn Folly Beach combined wartime espionage, heartbreak, and romance in a plot that exceeded my expectations. The descriptions of the actual Folly Beach brought the scene right to me. In the present, Emmy ventured to Folly Beach to run a bookstore and figure out how to move on from the death of her husband while serving in Afghanistan. While there, she encountered Lulu, a longtime resident of the seaside village dealing with secrets of her past that might have resulted in a murder. In flashbacks, Lulu was revealed as the pesky younger sister of Maggie, a woman who wrestled with love troubles during World War II.

As Emmy settled into her new life, she uncovered buried secrets about the residents of Folly Beach. My biggest problem with books that focus on the lives of two different women decades apart is that it’s always too easy for the woman in the present to discover information about the past. Somehow White overcame this obstacle with ease. Like Lulu’s sister, Emmy was also drawn to books, so I accepted it when she found notes in the margins of the old books in her bookstore. The clues were reveled at perfect times and progressed the story naturally. Of course, Emmy wouldn’t have been able to heal her broken heart without another male character, and Lulu’s great-nephew filled the void perfectly. His relationship with Emmy evolved slowly, which for once, seemed realistic. I also really enjoyed the appearance of Nancy Drew books as the thing that prompted Lulu to delve I to the odd situations of the quota around her.

There were some great secrets and twists in this book. I was impressed with the writing and strong storylines and can’t wait to read more by this author.


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