Dance The Night Away With “The Girls At The Kingfisher Club”

thI was eagerly awaiting the release of The Girls At The Kingfisher Club for months! The entire time I read it, I flashed back to the middle school play I was in based on the underlying story, The Twelve Dancing Princesses. The revamped version followed twelve young women in the 1920’s who snuck out at night and danced at a different speakeasy each night! Their domineering father saw them only as burdens he must relieve himself of by marrying them to frumpy suitors. Led by the eldest sister Jo, the sisters attempted to avoid the arrange marriages and live their life to the fullest between midnight and sunrise.

Known only as “the princesses” by other club members, the girls experienced more than dancing on the dance floor. They formed relationships with young men and became educated in the world beyond the solid walls of their enormous and secluded house. The story was delightful and read like a grown-up fairytale. Yet, the plot was a little superficial and the characters’ motivations were largely unclear. Although there were twelve princesses, the author provided little background information about most of them, making them nothing more than a member of the larger entourage. I also wished the author had provided more descriptions about the princesses’ attire! The conclusion was slightly odd, and not exactly a storybook ending.

Overall, this was an entertaining story and I enjoyed this sweet fairytale.


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