A Beacon Of Light From “Lighthouse Bay”

thLighthouse Bay was yet another book with two women trying to get over their loss in different time periods. I have to say that even though the plot is a bit overdone, this book was fresh and original. I liked Isabella from the moment she walked barefoot aboard the ship whisking her to Australia and away from the memories of her young son’s death in London. It was easy to see that Isabella would emerge as a heroine amidst her domineering husband who died in the shipwreck. As she struggled to survive alone in the new country, her determination led her into the arms of a decent man and into the jewelry business.

The jewelry aspect of the book was perfect for me! I loved reading about the different gems Isabella managed to abscond with during the storm that sunk her ship and how she manipulated them into beautiful brooches. In the present, I eagerly waited for the impact of Isabella’s legacy on Libby’s life to fully develop. Libby dealt with the death of a lover, a fight with her sister, and an overly aggressive developer interested in purchasing her small home. Both women were strong characters that made reading this enjoyable. I appreciated that Isabella and Libby exhibited a strong will and were focused on living the life that best suited them without worrying about social confines. The writing was very direct and descriptive. Each chapter had purpose and kept me interested.

This was a great summer read and Kimberley Freeman is a new favorite author.


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