Evil Lurks At “The Farm”

thThe Farm was an odd and eerie psychological thriller set in Sweden. Within the first few pages, I was very interested to see which of Daniel’s parents would end up to be the villain of the story. Each called him in London and claimed the other couldn’t be trusted. When his mother arrived unexpectedly at his door, he listened to her bizarre tale of mind games and deception that surrounded the death of a neighbor’s daughter. The setting kept me off-balance in its own way because it focused on Swedish folklore, food, and customs completely unknown by this American. The tightly woven story had an intensity to it that pulled me in and left me to sort out the strange behavior exhibited by Daniel’s mom and her weird neighbors. Everything about his mother’s story seemed suspicious but contrasting tales from his father, left Daniel unsure what to believe. The author examined the theme that children don’t really know who their parents are in a way that was unique, and a tense dynamic between Daniel and his parents that he had to overcome. The story was told very well and I am interested to read more from Tom Smith.


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