“Empire Girls” Invade New York!

thEmpire Girls was the perfect book to read on my way to New York. Sisters Ivy and Rose descended upon the city after they learned that their father left his wealth to a brother they didn’t know they had. They followed small clues to a boardinghouse in the heart of the busy city intending to find their brother and persuade him to allow them to remain in their family home. Unlike the first book by the authors, I’ll Be Seeing You, the storyline here was a but superficial. Rather than seek out their brother, the girls focused on finding employment, drinking, and flirting. The characters acted without much motivation, and things happened a little too easily. The writing lacked the character introspection I previously enjoyed from these authors. Although the novel was set in an exciting city, New York didn’t have a large role to the story. Overall, this was a cute and light read that was entertaining on an airplane, but I expected a little more.


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