Everyone Is Under “Suspicion”

thIf you liked Hitchcock’s Suspicion, you’ll appreciate Suspicion by Joseph Finder, a novel where the writing and events captured the same tension. I picked this up because I love books where the main character unwillingly gets thrown into a sinister crime scheme. It starts for Danny when his financial woes prompted him to accept a large check for tuition from the father of his daughter’s friend. After Danny spent the money, he learned the wealthy benefactor, Tom, was involved with a Mexican drug cartel. When the DEA approached Danny to work as their informant in exchange for immunity for accepting the drug money, Danny had not choice but to agree. And then the fun began.

I kept leaning further and further into the book to see if Tom would catch Danny in the number of compromising situations he braved to help the DEA. The plot took a new turn in every chapter, which I appreciated. The friendship between Danny’s daughter and Tom’s daughter was an excellent way to constantly complicate the plot. The strong writing portrayed Danny’s kindness and his impassioned devotion to protect his family. That motivation was believable and made the story great. Points in the story took on a crime thriller aspect, which were really well done.

I am so glad I found a new author! Anyone who liked E. A. Aymar’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, would also enjoy this.


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