The Impact Of “One Kick”

thOne Kick delved into the emotional scars young Kick harbored after being kidnapped as a child and held for several years. The premise was totally ridiculous, but I needed a “brain candy” book, and so I read on. While she was held captive, Kick was sexually exploited when her kidnapper made hundreds of pornographic videos of her and then sent them to a large network of other pedophiles. There were some very vivid descriptions of these acts as well as other behavior exhibited by Kick as a result of the kidnapping that was disturbing. As an emancipated young woman, Kick focused on helping to rescue other missing children, and her passion in this regard was admirable. When an odd stranger asked for her help to find two recently abducted children, she couldn’t refuse even though it led her right back into the terrifying world she escaped from years before. The intricate writing gave this a mature element even though at times the plot made this seem like a young adult book. Some of Kick’s reactions and conversations were too obvious and made without much thought. Other portions were overly wordy and far too descriptive. I wouldn’t read more of this series, but found this book entertaining.


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