The Zombies Of “Red Hill” Welcome You To October!

thI love zombie books but hadn’t read a good one recently until Red Hill. Told through the perspective of three different people, Red Hill had an action packed plot of zombie encounters that highlighted the desperate will to survive a fatal outbreak. Scarlet, a nurse with a strong will, hoped to reunite with her two young girls at Red Hill, the farm of a doctor that worked with her. Nathan stumbled upon Red Hill during his quest to take his eight-year-old daughter to safety. Sisters Miranda and Ashley focused on reaching their father’s farm, but were constantly interrupted by attacks from the undead. The urgency expressed by each character in their separate plight seemed so genuine that I really believed they felt what was described.

I’m so interested to see how authors imagine an apocalyptic world, and I wasn’t disappointed with Jamie McGuire’s vision. The zombies were present in the book at all the right places and frequently enough to constantly keep the main characters off-balance. The writing and tight plot events made this book great. I liked that Scarlet and Nathan both had complex and depressing pasts because this made them characters who evolved and learned from their circumstances. There were points in book where I didn’t agree with Scarlet’s perspective or her actions, and this made me like the book that much more because these weren’t perfect characters. They were flawed, but their flaws made them human and engaging. All the characters were very well-developed and their personalities were highlighted through the various situations they were in. The three stories converged in a way that created an excellent overall story.

I enoyed this book, and I especially liked reading about a character with my name, Dana, even if she did turn into a Zombie!


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