Read The Book, Watched The Movie: “Gone Girl”

thGone Girl is one book I’ve not stopped talking about since I read it more than two years ago. When I reached the end, I wanted to read it again to see all the details I missed that made it so fantastic. I gushed about it in my blog, and still recommend it to everyone I encounter. I couldn’t wait to see how it would be adapted for the screen, and had to see the movie during the opening weekend. This story is the definition of psychological thriller, and the same eerie and shocking behavior that captivated me in the book was present in the movie. In Flynn’s trademark twisted way, Gone Girl examined the highs and lows of a marriage set against the disappearance of Amy Dunne that left police wondering whether her husband, Nick, killed her. Rosamund Pike played the multifaceted Amy perfectly. Amy was cunning and deceitful, but Flynn wrote a story that redeemed her in several ways. As far as casting, I didn’t see Ben Affleck filling the role of Nick, so it was odd to me when I learned Flynn specifically wanted him for the part. I envisioned someone physically smaller to play the sneaky husband with low self-esteem. Much has been said about the differences between the book and the movie. While there were some noticeable differences, the movie was true to the overall story, and I enjoyed it. Other viewers seem to be focused on the marital relationship and unsettling ending. I didn’t see the book as making a statement about the sacrifices to make a marriage work so much as I accepted the events as a demonstration of both Amy and Nick’s craziness. I would encourage those in need of a true murder mystery to pick up this book and see the movie!


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