Living In L.A. Means You Are “Almost Royalty”

thAlmost Royalty reminded of all the things I loved in White Girl Problems. I smirked along with Courtney as she made fun of the culture in Los Angeles that made for an excellent comedic platform. I liked Courtney’s personality and absolutely empathized with her over being a female litigator. Although I didn’t share her love of Velveeta, I shared her passion for food forbidden from the too skinny women of L.A. since I also have an addiction to cheese that I can’t, and won’t, kick. The book didn’t really have a central story line other than just following Country as she navigated life while trying to find love and maintain her friendships, but the main theme of finding self-worth tied all the stories together very well. The last few pages alone made this worth the read.

I appreciated Courtney’s confidence and overall desire to lead a satisfying life. Throughout the book, I looked forward to Courtney’s lists about the hierarchy of L.A.’s elite. Her bizarre dating life was amusing, as were the failed relationships her two good friends experienced. I don’t know why it’s so addicting to watch smart women go through one catastrophe after another, but it is. Maybe because it makes me feel like everyone else is also living a life filled with odd encounters. I admired Courtney’s fervent passion for fellow L.A. inhabitants and it was refreshing to read a book with a character who was proud up be a true native Californian – just like me!

This was a great weekend read, and I am especially grateful to Courtney for sending me an autographed copy! I can’t wait to read more from her.


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