Don’t Cross “The Black Cat”

thI’ve never been so thankful that I don’t own a cat! The power of Edgar Allen Poe’s writing hooked me in the first paragraph of The Black Cat. He has a way of planting future plot events in the first few sentences that foreshadow yet another gruesome story. Here, a frantic narrator stated he would die the following day. The narrator’s impetuous nature was understandable even though his actions soon turned deadly. In the ten pages of this short story, Poe used his expansive and elegant vocabulary to create a layered scene filled with anxiety, power, fright, and vengeance. It was ingenious for Poe to take something as common as a cat and turn the creature into a crazed and devilish feline. In doing so, he alerts readers that no one is safe from the unnatural. The twisted ending was the stuff of true horror stories. I’m already a superstitious person, so this story only served to further creep me out! If you are looking for a creepy tale and only have a few minutes to read, I highly suggest The Black Cat.


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