You’re Getting Very Sleeping With The “Mesmeric Revelation”

th-1Once again, Edgar Allen Poe manipulated the supernatural into a riveting short story in Mesmeric Revelation. There was an aura of foreboding when the narrator convinced his dying friend to be hypnotized on the eve of his death to see what would happen. When the man agreed, I instantly flashed to Mary Shelley’s similar fascination with manipulation of humans after death in the Gothic classic, Frankenstein.  A few hours into the hypnosis, the man stated he was dead. Dead, and yet, speaking! The unimaginable events and vivid wording imposed a heavy sense of dread on me with each passage. The gruesome ending added legitimacy to Poe’s proposition that the hypnosis had not only worked, but suspended death. Although this story was originally published in 1849, it is still a spooky story for modern audiences!


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