Happy Halloween “Dracula, My Love”!

thI’ve never read Dracula, but always wondered about the malicious character that still frightens audiences. Through reading, Dracula, My Love, I not only learned about Dracula, but also discovered a minor character in that famous story, Mina. Although this would be considered a period book, the wording conversations were modern, which made this an easy read. The story of Dracula was summarized quickly and integrated into Dracula, My Love very well. The mythical elements about vampires that fans have come to expect were all present: blood sucking, shape shifting, and superhuman strength.

The author actually managed to turn Dracula into a decent man with morals, rather than the cold-blooded killer folklore makes him out to be. He seemed to have a good answer to every question posed by Mina about his evil reputation, and Dracula somehow turned each suspicious encounter into an act of valor. I admit, just like Mina, I was entranced with Dracula’s declarations that his actions were for her benefit, and easily understand how she got swept up in a romance with him. The relationship between Dracula and Mina did progress to a physical one, which sort of made this book a grown up version of Twilight. Some readers were critical about this romantic aspect, but I found it to be so minor that I wouldn’t consider this a Romance book at all. There was quite a bit of action here given the fights, death, blood sucking, and vampire encounters. Those elements compounded by mountains of deception and intrigue made this a very entertaining read! Mina was a strong character, who displayed a healthy amount of feminism given the setting. I wished the author had described the clothing more frequently! I like knowing what people are wearing, especially in period novels.

For the category for this blog, I almost clicked historical fiction because I like to believe the stories that Stoker based this tale on the true events surrounding the real Dracula. Happy Halloween!




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