Following The Path To “The Life Intended”

thThe Life Intended was a Sliding Doors type romantic, chic lit, and fantasy book. Kate was unquestionably perplexed when she started living in two alternative universes at once: one where her husband, Patrick, is alive, and another where she is engaged to Dan. I wasn’t sure where the author was going with the story when two worlds started to collide. Suddenly people from one life appeared in the other, but this made both lives seems real. Through strong writing and multidimensional characters, Kristin Harmel created not one, but two worlds, for the reader to enjoy.

Kate was a woman with a deep heart, and it was enjoyable to follow her through her journey. What tends to wear on me in these types of books is the constant guilt that plagues the protagonist about enjoying a life with a man other than current her significant other. I was relieved that Kate wasn’t too whinny, but her focus on having a child did get old after a while. Some of the events that revolved around Kate’s reproductive problems might not be that interesting to a younger audience, but they were a great platform for the different lives Kate experienced, especially when Kate has a teenage daughter in her life with Patrick. That alternative life gave Kate a reason to examine the way she lived her life and prompted her to make positive changes. I wasn’t expecting the lengthy scenes surrounding foster care and hearing impaired kids because I didn’t know the plot would center so heavily on those topics. The surprise conclusion to the book was fantastic, and tied all the layers of the plot together.

This book was definitely worth reading! I love books that pose the ‘what if’ question about different paths in life. A couple other fun books with those same themes I read this year were, Landline and Then And Always.


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