You Don’t Need A Corset To Follow The “The Jane Austen Rules”

thAt less than 150 pages, The Jane Austen Rules was an obviously quick read. Each chapter was devoted to a different dating tactic replete with specific references to passages in each of Austen’s novels. The author spent a great deal of time criticizing the dating guidebook, The Rules. I’ve never read The Rules, but I found the comparison unnecessary to advance the ideals here. A stronger approach would have been to just describe dating tips using Jane Austen’s novels as the background. The author had a firm grasp of Austen’s six novels, which was evident by their meticulous incorporation into the book. I was amazed how the author managed to take the themes and actions of so many beloved characters and relate their actions to present day dating strategies in a way that encouraged and empowered women. Yet, the amount of comparisons packed in this short book were so overwhelming, it became hard to recollect them all once I’d finished reading. I will admit that the content was dense, and far more theoretical than a normal self-help book. The writing seemed very academic and the exploration of why Austen’s characters behaved as they did reminded me a little too much of the semester class I took at Chapman University that was dedicated solely to Austen. The clever approach to dating warrants five stars, but the execution leaves this as only a three star read.


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